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Terms of Reference

HFIP's Terms of Reference

1.0   Mission Statement

HFIP aims to help create sustainable communities within the Borough of Hartlepool – where every resident has a stake in the town’s social, economic, political and cultural growth.

2.0   Purpose

To be the vehicle for effective working on issues and circumstances which create financial exclusion in the Borough of Hartlepool by working in partnership with key stakeholders from the statutory, private, voluntary and community sector to create opportunities to reduce the burden of financial exclusion for our townsfolk.

3.0   Aims and objectives

4.0 Membership

The membership of HFIP shall reflect the key stakeholders within the Borough of Hartlepool and represent the public, private and voluntary/community sectors.

4.1 Expectations

The following guidelines outline what is expected of HFIP Members, whether in meetings or working on behalf of HFIP:

Honesty and Integrity: to act with honesty, objectivity and integrity in achieving the aims of HFIP.  To respect the confidentiality of information provided.

Objectivity: to consider what is in the best interests for the common good of clients who access advice services and to weigh this along with the interests of their organisation and the sector when making decisions.

Representative: to reflect effectively the interests of their clients, to raise areas of concern and contribute their experience and expertise to discussions and decisions to achieve good workable solutions.

Respect for others: to respect and to take into account the views of other members regardless of their gender, race, age, ethnicity, disability, religion, sexual orientation or any other status.

Contribution and commitment: to contribute to the HFIP Quarterly Newsletter and at Members’ meetings as appropriate, to update and/or circulate relevant information relating to them on websites or in action plans, to keep their respective work teams fully appraised of all relevant HFIP information and to carry out all acts and tasks undertaken by them at HFIP meetings to the best of their ability.

4.2 Benefits

HFIP Membership comes with the following benefits:

5.0 Meetings

5.1 Member meetings

HFIP Members will meet at least six times a year.  Meetings will be chaired by an elected Chairperson (or, in his/her absence, vice chairperson) and secretariat support will be provided by the elected chairperson.

Notice of meetings shall be delivered to Members by email and it shall be the responsibility of each Member to print out all relevant documents so delivered and to bring them to meetings as appropriate. Please note that for economic reasons, extra printed copies of emailed documents will not be made available at meetings. Members will endeavour to attend all meetings in person or by proxy however if a Member is unable to attend any meeting then he/she should submit apologies in advance of the meeting.

Minutes of meetings shall not be sent to Members who fail to attend meetings in person or by proxy, without having first given apologies.

If a Member fails to attend 3 consecutive meetings in person or by proxy, that Member shall be removed from HFIP’s Members mailing list. Only one reminder of this will be given to a Member after the second such non-attendance.   

5.2 Decision making

Any decisions by the Members must reach a two thirds majority agreement.  A conflict of interest could occur if a Member is involved in an HFIP decision in which that Member has a private, voluntary or charitable interest. All such cases should be declared to the other Members prior to any discussion or decision and that Member should refrain from voting on the decision in question.

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